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2014 Building Design Standards are applicable to all USPS facilities projects - new construction, and renovation, as well as repair and alterations. There are various components that are part of the design standards program - Standard Design Criteria, Standard Detail Library, Master Specification, Processing & Distribution (P&D) prototype designs, Medium Standard Building Designs (MSBDs), Small Standard Building Designs (SSBDs), and Modular Building Designs. Together these components establish the design standards for all postal facilities.

Deviation from these standards is not permitted without written authorization from the Team Leader, Design and Construction Programs, at Headquarters. Review the Standard Design Criteria - Introduction, for details on deviation policy and required Deviation Request Form.


  • Handbook AS-503, Standard Design Criteria.
  • Signage catalog, combined order forms and commitment estimate sheets for interior and exterior signage.
  • Standard Details, casework, security and other symbol blocks.
  • Drawing files for Major Facilities standard designs, several enlarged plan details, BMEUs, and Food Service facilities.
  • Standard colors and finishes and Project Manager's Manual.
  • Modular building drawings, manual and specifications.
  • MSBD drawings, Project Manager's manual, and MAP.
  • RE-4, RE-5, Post Occupancy Evaluations, Planning documents and Vending equipment information, and other reference information.
  • Master Specification and Green Addendum files.
  • SSBD drawing files, Project Manager's Manual, and SiteMAP.
  • Various support files necessary for using program files on the Disc.
  • Transmittal letters.